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G-Tubes With Style
Tubie Toppers are colorful and absorbent pads made to encircle
the top of gastronomy (G-tubes) tubes, Jejunostomy (J-tubes)
tubes, GJ tubes and PEGs.

Tubie Toppers have three layers of absorbent materials
: flannel,
terry cloth and fleece, all 100% cotton.  These layers
leakage much better than gauze pads
, leaving tube sites clean
and dry. Wearers of Tubie Toppers (and their caregivers) report
less irritation and granulation versus traditional medical gauze.

Tubie Toppers are
GREEN! No more discarding tons of medical
; simply toss Tubie Toppers in the wash on the gentle
cycle, dry on any heat, and use over and over!

Tubie Toppers secure closed with velcro: strong enough to stay
in place, but
easily released should the wearer pull on them,
reducing the risk of the tube being dislodged.

Plus, Tubie Toppers are FUN! They come in a wide variety of
colors and patterns for Tubies of all ages.  A feeding tube can
look scary, especially to young children.  Tubie Toppers help
them look friendly and inviting, both for the wearer and the
young people in their li

Each Tubie Topper measures approximately 2 1/2" in diameter,
and has been washed in Dreft® laundry detergent prior to
purchase to protect sensitive skin.

Tubie Toppers are $4.00 each, with a discount for the pattern
sets offered (prices listed on each set).  Convenient payment
made through Paypal.

$3.00 flat rate shipping anywhere in the US, no ma
tter how
many Tubie Toppers you purchase!  International orders, please
e-mail us for shipping estimate:

Tubie Toppers are not a medical device, and are not intended to
take the place of doctor-recommended treatment or care.

Patterns may vary slightly based on the cut of the fabric.
As you browse our patterns, you will notice that some of them
have special names.  Our customers are our family!  Many of our
patterns are named for special tubies who are a part o
f our
world.  Part of our mission is to spread awareness of the vast
variety of medical complications that can result in needing a
feeding tube as a tool for survival.  Please read the stories of
the special tubies in our Tubie Topper family.

Want to share your tubie's story?  
If you see a Tubie Topper
pattern that speaks to
your tubie's personality, please e-mail
your story to
m.  We would be honored to
rename our patterns as our tubie family grows
Welcome Tubie Friends!